The Whoaman project is committed to increasing community awareness about violence against girls and gender inequalities. To promote self-worth by changing the beliefs that perpetuates violence.  We are committed to the belief that every person has a right to safety, empowerment, and to live free from violence or the fear of violence.

Our Vision

We envision a world where healthy relationships flourish and violence, sexual assault, and inequalities are unacceptable and a distant memory.


Safety, prevention, diversity/equality, education, empowerment, education


I provided a Beta Club parent website last night but in working on it today that site didn’t have the functionality that we needed so I have went with this.  Please let me know what we can add to keep parents informed.  I will work on a Facebook and twitter page for updates for parents as well tied to the site. 


I will work on scheduling a meeting for Booster Club so we can get that started. 

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