Thank you for supporting our cause to develop a feature film documentary by teens for teens to address issues of teen dating violence. We are the first from our high school to qualify to present to over fifteen thousand high school student leaders from throughout the United States at the National Beta Conference. Our goal is to influence student leaders from around the country to follow our lead to address the reality that last year 1.5 million high school students were sexually and/or physically abused in teen dating relationships. The National Beta Organization selected us as National Qualifier because our mission and year long campaign. Moreover, our year long proposed campaign was recognized as the best service project of student leaders from six different states in the Southwestern Region of the United States. To fulfill the mission, of what others national organizations have recognized as a needed program by teens for teens, we need your help to raise funds for travel expenses to the Beta National Conference and expenses associated with creating a documentary of our year long campaign. The goal of the documentary is to lead other teens in the United States to become proactive and prevent issues of abuse and gender inequality towards women and girls.

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