Whoaman Yearlong Campaign 2017 to 2018



Whoaman Father’s Day Forum : Fathers speak to son’s about importance of respect toward women and girls.Fathers convey message on elements for healthy relationships in the context of an intimate partner relationship.Program will be held in a panel discussion format before an audience of high school male and female members.The questions posed to the panel will be moderated by Whoaman Student Leaders.Audience will also be able to ask the panel questions.Panel will be comprised of the following members: Two area prominent pastors, Football High School Coach, Swim College Coach,Member of Law Enforcement, Corporate Attorney,Medical Physician and Father of a Teen Dating Abused Survivor



Tribute to Malala the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner.She was shot in the head for advocating for equal access to to educational resource for girls in ,Pakistan,her native country.July 12th is Malala’s Birthdate



Whoaman Members facilitate discussions and school assembly to discuss the importance of advocating against locker room talk and creating hurtful relationships

with women and girls



Kick off to request donations for Domestic Violence Shelters in Tennessee



(Domestic Violence Awareness Month) Distribute collected items to Domestic Violence Shelters in Tennessee



White Ribbon Day Program to encourage men to where white ribbon as a symbol of solidarity on issues that impact women with regard to gender inequality and abuse



Gifts for Children in Domestic Violence Shelters in Tennessee



Martin Luther King Day of Service moderate a panel of Legislators to discuss issues of gender inequality and remedies Ie laws to address issues.One of Whoaman Members has already introduced a Bill that became law in Tennessee to recognize veterans



(Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month)Distribute  Valentine Day Greeting Cards for teen dating couples to give as gifts.Cards reiterate the tenets of healthy dating relationships and respect for a partner in a dating relationship.



(Women’s History Month) program to pay tribute to women’s suffrage and honor the history of women who have been recognize presently and historically for contributions to the family and society.Program culminates with a trip to the Women’s Suffrage Museum in Nasville Tennessee



(Sexual Assault Awareness Month) Prom programs that collaborate with tuxedo stores , Prom Dress Stores, Car/Limousine Rental Companies,Florist,Barber Shops, Nail Salons,Hair Salons to pass out literature that reinforces healthy dating relationships and expectations



(Mother’s Day) program for son’s to pledge to mothers and significant female  family influences (ie Grandparents ect.) to promote and live a life that values women/girls in thoughts attitude and behavior

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